the Heating OIL Habit!

Heat and cool your home or your business with a
system that uses solar or wind power.
Get clean energy from the Sun and Earth NOW!



2004-2009 geothermal / solar installations

Many of our designs and installations combine photovoltaic solar panels to supply electrical energy for the geothermal system.

With our systems installed, your heating and cooling comesfrom the clean, natural enviroment completely .

In addition, by choosing wind power that runs your home, you support the growth of domestic clean energy producers.

We will show you how to ease the initial installation costs by taking the advantage of several financial incentive / rebate programs.

Database Of State and Federal Incentives
for Renewables and Efficiency

Events and Programs

Make the difference!

  • cut your bills
  • protect the environment
  • support the growth of renewable energy resources

Geothermal heating
has up to a 70% lower
operating cost
when compared to an average oil or gas
heating systems.

GeoExchange Movie

All of the geo-thermal heat comes from the stable earth temperature:
energy that is abundant and FREE!

The compression cycle inside the unit raises captured earth temperature to comfortable 125F enough to efficiently heat any type of home.

No need for any fossil fuel backup !

We recommend installation of natural gas electric power generators when grid power goes down.

The average payback
period is 3-5 years.

It is the shortest in the industry.


PV Solar Estimator
Green Power


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