Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) CASE STUDIES

Solar PV array 3.6 kW system
Solar panels installed on the house roof.

Brewster, NY
2500 sq ft

Solar PV array 3.2 kW system
Solar panels installed on the garage roof.

Fleishmans, NY
3500 sq ft
New construction

10kW Solar PV system

Monticello, NY


Closed horizontal slinky loop, 18T system
Geothermal loop field installed below the frost line next to the house.

Poughkeepsie, NY
8000 sq ft
New construction.

- 3 x 6T Geothermal Water-Air
Heat Pump System

- 15kW solar array

- 3 levels heat recovery ventilation system

- geothermal desuperheater coil for free domestic hot water pre-heating with tankless on-demand propane heater


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